The First Space Hasselblad

Own a fully-functional, NASA Space Camera Replica

It was 1962...

Astronaut Wally Schirra needed a camera for his Mercury Atlas mission to orbit Earth. A photography enthusiast, he picked up a Hasselblad 500C from his local camera store and worked with NASA engineers to modify it for space flight.

Modified for space.

Museum Ready.

Made for earthlings.

Crafted in Asheville, NC

Every camera goes through a full professional cleaning and lubrication before being modified to NASA 1960's camera standards. They're fully functional, and work with your favorite 120 film.

Made with love by Cole Rise

Obsessed with space and shooting Hasselblad for a over a decade, Cole spent the last two years training to became a Hasselblad technician, studying the original mission notes from NASA and obsolete Hasselblad repair manuals. He built a custom workshop for replicating NASA cameras, using many of the same tools and materials available in the 1960's - down to replicating NASA's temperature resistant foil stickers.

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